You Win Some & You Lose Some

There have been countless projects where I’ve messed up. I don’t claim to know it all and mistakes happen, but what’s important is learning from them. So I’ll share with you what happened and what I learned in hopes you won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Here is how it went down, I was working on a Valentine’s day shirt for my daughter. I made a fun design of her cute little sayings and since it was for Valentine’s Day I wanted to do it in black and red.

I cut the black decal and weeded (taking away the unused part of the decal) as normal. I measured where I wanted it then used my heat press to iron the design on the shirt. As I peeled up the plastic covering it came up fine! I had no issues.

The damaged happened with the red design. I put the decal where I wanted it and ironed on the design using the heat press (just like I did the black). As I peeled the plastic liner, it started to stick so I put it back down and used the heat press again. I heated it for a few seconds and tried peeling up the liner again. But as I peeled up, the ‘H’ was sticking to the shirt but part of it was still sticking to the liner. I still pulled up the liner when the rest of the ‘H’ popped down on the shirt and stuck to itself. I thought “I can fix that later!”

But as I kept going the ‘u’ in ‘hug’ ripped. So I thought “Alright, I’ll just cut another ‘ug’ and put it on after I’m done here”, but part of the ‘g’ was still sticking to the shirt. After I peeled up the liner, I looked at the design I noticed one of the hearts was wrinkled… I tried fixing that but since I had used the heat press the parts that were stuck to the shirt wouldn’t budge! (This is a total pro when it comes to heat presses unless… you know… you mess up and it won’t come off!)

So at this point there are too many issues, I got fed up and said “I’ll just do another shirt!” Which is a total bummer in the moment because I was pretty angry at myself for messing it up

The final product!

After a week, I decided to try again! I used the things I learned the first time around to help prevent any more mistakes. Thankfully, I didn’t have any issues the second time!

I absolutely love the way it came out and now I will have pictures of her in this shirt and I can remember the cute things she says at three years old! You can find this Grab a Hug & Stay Cozy shirt in my Etsy Shop.

What I learned:

  1. Peel the design off when it is still hot. Where I think I went wrong was after it was ironed on I took a break not peeling up the clear plastic covering while it was still hot. I guess I didn’t realize how important that part was because I always peeled it up hot! There are a few special types of iron on material where it tells you to peel it when it’s cool but for the most part you need to hot peel. Get your free Warm Peel vs. Cold Peel Cheat Sheet PDF HERE.
  2. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! Rushing only makes it worse especially when the frustration kicks in.
  3. If something messes up, stop and try to fix it right away before moving on. With heat transfer vinyl you have to work fast. Many times you can fix a little mistake right away before the design completely adheres to the fabric.

Does your little cutie have an adorable saying you want on a shirt? Check out my shop for custom shirts.

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