What is Vinyl?

When you hear the word ‘vinyl’ what do you think of? A phonograph record you listen to music on? Frankly, that way of listening to music is a little before my time, although I know a lot of people still enjoy listening this way.

The vinyl I work with is basically a very sticky sticker. These vinyl decals make it so easy to apply even the most intricate designs to any surface!

When I first saw a picture of a vinyl decal, I thought someone had painted on the wall. I was amazed at how detailed and precise it was! Then I found out there is a machine with a little blade that cuts sheets of vinyl to make the design! You can get a sheet of vinyl in a specific color, if you want multiple colors you’ll layer them on top of one another (like in this project) to get the look you want.

Once I cut my very first design to place on my cutting machine I was hooked! I love all of the possibilities and it’s a huge bonus it can be applied to pretty much any hard surface!

Are you interested in a vinyl decal for your wall or surface? Head over to my Etsy Shop and check out my designs or you can create one of your own!