Dear Customer,

First of all, thank you so much for all of support. It really means the world that you trust me with your vision & designs, gifts to friends and things for you and your family.

So, can I start from the beginning? Why I started my business in the first place, honestly was to help with the mountain of school loans my husband and I have accrued over 5 years of college. We can look back in regret of what school we went to and wishing we went to community college for the first two years to save money but here we are… learning from what we didn’t know back then. At that time it sounded great to make some extra money on the side to help.

But trying to make some extra money started to turn into the joy of helping people… you, my customer. I find so much joy in making what you want. When you send me a request to make something I get giddy. I’m so excited to help put a smile on your face. When I hear back from you saying, “oh, my friends love their new shirts!” or “my kids love the decals in the room!”, it really makes my day!

Then the joy of helping you turned into helping me feel better. After I had both of my kids, my anxiety sky rocketed. Being responsible for the lives of two humans, completely in my hands as a stay-at-home mom, can really be daunting task. But I have found when I work on my business you give me something to focus on other than that anxiety. Which I can’t thank you enough for.

Speaking of being a stay at home mom, you allow me to do that. It is hard and demanding job but it means a lot to me to be with them while they are young. I will forever be grateful for you because I get to watch my kids grow every day.

While some may think this is just me trying to make money, I’d be lying if it wasn’t part of it but it’s so much bigger than that. You allow me to stretch my creative muscles and truly make me excited to work on new projects. I’m not sure I can really thank you for what you’ve done for me but I’m sure gonna try!

Your new BFF,