Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We are so excited for Christmas this year! It is looking a lot different than previous years because we normally would fly to Pittsburgh to visit family around the holidays. Of course with Covid, we are going to enjoy staying home and as our family of 5 and video chat with our family all over the east coast.

In our house Santa bring one fun present, nothing crazy just something they would like and he also fills their stockings. He used to have so much trouble coming up with ideas for my kids when they were babies… I mean really what could they need! But now they are getting older Santa is having a little easier of a job. I’ve taken notes of what he has brought the kids in the past and maybe some I hope he brings them this year! Honestly, my ideal stocking stuffer for my kids is something they can use or eat and it be gone forever within a few months.

My Favorite Stocking Stuffers:

  • Food/Candy – My kids don’t typically have candy and sweets outside of holidays so this is the time for us to let them indulge a little! Candy necklaces and chocolate coins are 2 of their favorites!
  • Puzzles – You can’t beat a cute puzzle for your little cuties! Best place I like to purchase them is the Dollar Tree! They have so many options for kids, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Fancy Nancy and Cars are all puzzles I have purchased in the past!
  • Art and Craft Supplies – This is my major go-to! Anything my kids can use to draw or paint is a total win! There are a variety of paper pads sizes and my kiddos love the really large ones because they can both color at the same time, one on each side! Paint, crayons, colored pencils, play dough, craft sticks are all great ideas to spark your kids creativity!
  • Clothing Items They Need – Every time I turn around my kids need more socks, slippers or ponytail holders. I think stockings are a perfect excuse to get them some replacements!
  • Color Bath Drops or Bath Bombs – These are awesome for kids who don’t like getting a bath. I let each of my kids pick the color they want and they get to throw it in!
  • Baking Items – One major things my little cuties love is helping me in the kitchen! I’m secretly hoping it pays off as they get older and they can start making us dinner every night! A mom can dream can’t she? Baking mixes and having their own spatula, whisks & a fun apron will make them feel extra special!

I created a quick list below to help Santa find some great stocking stuffers and gifts! Do you have any go-to gifts that aren’t included? Make sure to comment to help us all out!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!