25 Valentine’s Day Puns for Crafting Projects

It is so much fun to make a new project for any holiday! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite to celebrate with my kids because we can celebrate everyone we love. We start the morning with heart shaped pancakes, usually do a fun craft and mail grandparents, aunts and uncles some homemade paintings or cards to help make them feel special.

I never take Valentine’s Day seriously, so puns are always a fun way to lighten the mood! So I thought I would put together a list of twenty-five puns with a design or image suggestion in parenthesis that you can use for any craft project. Whether it be something for your kids’ school Valentine’s or cute Valentine’s Day decorations for your place, you will be ready to go!

  1. Bee Mine (Bee)
  2. Owl love you forever! (Owl)
  3. Hoo loves you! (Owl)
  4. You make my heart flutter! (Butterfly)
  5. I love you to pieces (Puzzle)
  6. You rock my world! (Guitar)
  7. You’re just my type (Typewriter)
  8. You’re one in a melon (Watermelon)
  9. Words can’t espresso how much I love you! (Coffee)
  10. I love you a latte! (Coffee)
  11. I’m buggy for you! (Ladybug)
  12. Doughnut forget how much you are loved! (Doughnut)
  13. You’re bacon me crazy! (Bacon)
  14. You are purr-fect! (Cat)
  15. Hey there, cutie pie (Pie)
  16. You wisk me off my feet! (Wisk)
  17. You crack me up! (Egg)
  18. You make me melt! (Ice cream)
  19. You color my world! (Rainbow or Crayon)
  20. I whaley love you! (whale)
  21. I love you s’more! (S’more)
  22. We make a great pear! (Pear)
  23. You’re a cute-tea! (Tea)
  24. I like you berry/beary much! (Strawberry/Bear)
  25. I lava you! (Volcano)

Do you have any other pun sayings that you use for Valentine’s Day? Comment below!