How-To: Monogram Luggage with Vinyl

I am super excited to share this project! My daughter absolutely loves her new suitcase that she got as a Christmas gift from her grandparents.  She loved every minute of pulling her suitcase behind her at the airport as we traveled back home. I thought it would be fun to personalize it, but I didn’t want to put her full name. Doing a cute monogram would be the best option!

Luggage and Decals

What you’ll need:

Peeling Decal

First you want to decide where you want to put the decal. Once you know that, you’ll want to peel back the transfer tape (white with red lines) making sure the decal is sticking to it.

Luggage and peeled back decal

TIP: You can fold the decal in half to find the center.  Remember to keep the sticky part on the outside, or you’ll be stuck!

Applying decal to luggage

Finding the center of the decal will make it easier to place on the luggage, you can eyeball where the center is of the luggage or use a ruler to measure to be exact. Place the transfer tape and decal on the luggage and use a hard piece of plastic like a credit card to push the decal on the luggage. You can peel off the transfer tape making sure the decal is still sticking to the luggage.

Luggage applying second vinyl

I did the same thing for the second decal. If you have bubbles under the decal, you can use the piece of plastic to push all the bubbles out. TIP: Start with the bubbles in the center and work your way out.

Luggage Final

And it is all done! I’m so excited for my daughter to use her new monogrammed suitcase on our next trip!

Close Up Bow

Close Up Monogram

If you are interested in monogramming luggage or really anything, check out my Etsy shop, facebook page or e-mail me directly, I’d love to help you!