How-To: Make a Personalized Ornament

This project has been two years in the making for me! I wanted to make a hand print ornament for my daughter for her first Christmas in 2015. I did the hand print part but never ended up making the vinyl to finish it. It has been sitting on my hutch for 2 years waiting to be completed. Now that I’m showing project ideas with vinyl I thought this was the perfect time to finish it!

To start, I took a clear glass ornament and multi-surface acrylic craft paint that worked on glass. I put the paint on a paper plate and took my daughter’s hand and dipped it in the paint. Then I placed her hand carefully on the ornament. (I don’t have pictures of this since it was 2 years ago haha) TIP: Use a cup to hold the ornament while it dries to help it stay still and upright.

Side Note: If I were to do it again (I probably will with my newborn), I would do a footprint instead of handprint. Trying to get a 3-month-old’s hand and fingers apart with paint on it was torture for all involved haha! However, if you have an older child who will listen to directions, I’m sure a handprint would work great!

In addition to the ornament, I used pre-cut vinyl, clear and shiny confetti (to look like snow), and a dry erase marker.

Ornament with a line of dry erase marker

Using the dry erase marker, I drew a line of where I wanted the name to go. I used a ruler to mark the center of the line with a tick mark.

Then I marked where the center of the name was on the vinyl paper so I knew where to start. With this project, I did not use transfer tape. I thought it would be easier to use the vinyl like a sticker and just pick up each letter and place it on the ornament seperately.

I started with the center letter and put it right above the line. Then I added each letter after, trying to keep the spacing the same.

Once those letters were on, I worked backwards from the center to the beginning of the name.

A helpful tip if you have problems using your fingers to put the decal in the right spot is to use a tool to help. Here I have a hook tool but you could use a pencil tip the same way to help put the decal exactly where you want it.

After I finished the name I did the year the same way.

Then I took off the top of the ornament and used a funnel to add the confetti inside of the ornament. You could also use a piece of paper if you don’t have a funnel. After I added the confetti, I put the top back on the ornament.

I loved the way it turned out and I’m super excited to have this special ornament on my tree! I plan to give it to my daughter when she is older and has a Christmas tree of her own!

If you would like to purchase an extra small custom vinyl decal like I used in this project, head over to my Etsy shop!