Finding Your Creative Side

Do you remember when you were little and creativity flowed from your brain without any restriction? You could think up the coolest thing and it never seemed like it was completely crazy. Man, I miss those days! As we grow our creative muscles seem to disappear and rational thoughts come in stronger. I love the creativity and imagination we have as children. It’s so fun to see my daughter coming into that season.

Have you ever heard of Odyssey of the Mind? It’s a creative competition for students, from kindergarten to college, where a team of 5-7 kids make a play (including script, backdrops, props & costumes) to solve a number of problems. It’s a great way for kids to think out of the box.

Well, I competed in Odyssey of the Mind almost my entire elementary, middle and high school life. It was so much fun for me and it really made me appreciate creativity. I’m so thankful for my parents who were involved the whole time my sisters and I competed. They encouraged us to think out of the box constantly especially when we came across something that stumped us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my problem solving skills that I’ve obtained while I was involved in Odyssey of the Mind. I can’t wait for my kids to give it a try and I would love to be a coach like my parents were.

We can use creativity everywhere in life. Just being a mom, I’m always trying to create fun new games to play or even ways to get them to eat their dinner. I use it in my business too, creating blog posts or posting on social media. But I use creativity the most when I’m making new designs for my Etsy shop. When I think through a lot of different designs, fonts and layouts, it’s so helpful for me to think outside of the box.

Sometimes creativity doesn’t come easy so I wrote a few tips that may help you get creative:

  1. Do some coloring – Just a simple child’s coloring book or even a fun adult coloring book can help!
  2. Go for a walk outside- Clearing out your head and allows you to think of new ideas.
  3. Write down your thoughts – Getting pen to paper and just write anything and everything you can think of can help unload your brain to allow the creative juices flowing.
  4. Unplug your electronics – Turn your phone off, put it in airplane mode or even in another room to allow you to focus.
  5. Do something you love – None of these work for you? Pick something YOU do to relax and clear your head!

The biggest thing with creativity is not to give up, sometimes it takes a while to get going but I can guarantee once you get there you’ll be happy you stuck with it!

How do you use your creative muscles?

Finding Your Creative Side


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