My Top 10 Favorite Fonts & Where to Find Them

I’ve worked on a fair amount of projects over the years since I bought my Silhouette Cameo in 2012. I’ve downloaded a bunch of fonts and naturally I have a some favorites, some free and some I have paid for. I wanted to let you in on a list of my favorite fonts I am loving now, because of course they are always changing! If you want to download any of the fonts below, click on the pink font name heading to check it out!

Fun Fonts

First I’m loving fun fonts! Some of these fun fonts work well with projects for kids or just something with an overall fun feel.

Inflatable Flamingo

Joy Maker




Script Fonts

Next, I love script fonts, they are a really big trend now with people making silhouette and cameo projects. They are mimics cursive handwriting, there are so many different styles of script fonts and it is a really big trend on projects now!

One challenge with script fonts and cutting vinyl is thin lines! I’ll tackle this in another post this month so stay tuned! ūüôā

hey butterfly

Cabelita Script

Cadeck Script


Dream State

I hope you find all these fonts and links helpful! Do you have any favorite fonts you want to share?