25 Valentine’s Day Puns for Crafting Projects

It is so much fun to make a new project for any holiday! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite to celebrate with my kids because we can celebrate everyone we love. We start the morning with heart shaped pancakes, usually do a fun craft and mail grandparents, aunts and uncles some homemade paintings or cards to help make them feel special.

I never take Valentine’s Day seriously, so puns are always a fun way to lighten the mood! So I thought I would put together a list of twenty-five puns with a design or image suggestion in parenthesis that you can use for any craft project. Whether it be something for your kids’ school Valentine’s or cute Valentine’s Day decorations for your place, you will be ready to go!

  1. Bee Mine (Bee)
  2. Owl love you forever! (Owl)
  3. Hoo loves you! (Owl)
  4. You make my heart flutter! (Butterfly)
  5. I love you to pieces (Puzzle)
  6. You rock my world! (Guitar)
  7. You’re just my type (Typewriter)
  8. You’re one in a melon (Watermelon)
  9. Words can’t espresso how much I love you! (Coffee)
  10. I love you a latte! (Coffee)
  11. I’m buggy for you! (Ladybug)
  12. Doughnut forget how much you are loved! (Doughnut)
  13. You’re bacon me crazy! (Bacon)
  14. You are purr-fect! (Cat)
  15. Hey there, cutie pie (Pie)
  16. You wisk me off my feet! (Wisk)
  17. You crack me up! (Egg)
  18. You make me melt! (Ice cream)
  19. You color my world! (Rainbow or Crayon)
  20. I whaley love you! (whale)
  21. I love you s’more! (S’more)
  22. We make a great pear! (Pear)
  23. You’re a cute-tea! (Tea)
  24. I like you berry/beary much! (Strawberry/Bear)
  25. I lava you! (Volcano)

Do you have any other pun sayings that you use for Valentine’s Day? Comment below!

5 Things to Remember Before You Cut Your Design

So often I’m working on a project and I have just enough material (vinyl or HTV) to complete it. The pressure is on because if I make any mistakes, I’m going to have to run to the craft store and buy more material to finish! That may be every crafter’s nightmare! So to help, I came up with a list to run through BEFORE I send my design to be cut.

1. Flip Horizontally

If you are working with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or iron on, you want to make sure your design is flipped horizontally. When you iron on to your material, you will flip the HTV cut side down. If you do not flip horizontally your design will be mirrored.

To flip the design, you can right click on the design and click Flip Horizontally. Or in the top menu bar go to Object > Mirror > Flip Horizontally.

2. Size

I can’t tell you how many times I would measure a shirt and cut the HTV only to find the design is too small for my liking. If I’m honest I think one of the major problems of newbies is making the design too small. I love when designs are large and in charge! You worked hard for that shirt, show it off!

TIP: Before you cut, print out the design (in light gray so you won’t waste too much ink) and place it on the shirt or whatever you are working on! This way you can make sure the size works for your project!

3. Weld

Welding is when you want to fuse multiple elements of your design that are overlapping, creating one fluid design. This is really important for fonts that intersect (for example decorative, cursive or script fonts). You’ll want to weld them together so your machine won’t cut each letter individually. That will become more of an issue when you are weeding the design because it is possible to accidentally pick up parts that overlap leaving the design looking choppy.

To weld your design, you can highlight all parts of the design that overlap then on the right side, find the Modify Panel (the icon looks like a Rectangle and Circle intersecting), and in the pop-up window click Weld. Or you can right click on the design when it is highlighted and click Weld.

If you want to learn more about welding check out my post Grouping Vs Welding.

4. Cut depth/settings

Always make sure your cut settings are correct! Many times I will work on a project with cardstock then move to vinyl and I have to make sure the settings are changed.

TIP: Take advantage of the TEST button under the Send tab. This will allow you to cut a little square to see if the settings are correct for the material you are using. I like to utilize TEST with vinyl and HTV because sometimes it doesn’t cut all the way through, so I will put on double cut and test that setting to make sure if doesn’t cut too deep.

5. Correctness & Clarity of Design

Looking over your design maybe one of the most important things to check! You want to be sure all spelling is correct (I can look at the simplest word long enough it looks wrong so I never take for granted that my spelling is accurate).

You also want to make sure the font is readable. I recently saw someone working on a project for Valentine’s Day and asking peoples opinion they had DAD in a font with hearts at the beginning of each letter. The overwhelming consensus was it looked like it said DEAD… which is not the design you want for Valentine’s Day. My advice would be to take a fresh look and make sure it all looks cohesive and correct. You can always show someone else the design to get their opinion.

I hope these 5 things help you save material and your sanity! Do you have a checklist you go through before you cut your design? Please comment and share below!

Grouping VS Welding – Silhouette Studio

Grouping Vs Welding

I am part of a Facebook group where Silhouette beginners can come and show projects or ask questions, especially if they are having difficulty on a project. One of the most common questions I see are about welding or grouping. It seems a lot of other Silhouette users are confused on the difference. So… let’s go over each option and some uses for them.


Grouping is when you want to keep letters/shapes together allowing it easier to move around the design area without worrying you missed a part of the design. When using grouping, all lines will still be cut even if they are overlapping. Think of grouping like its a paper clip, keeping all the papers together but still ultimately separate.

The option of group/ungroup is available when you highlight all the parts of the design you want to group together. You can do this by clicking and dragging the cursor over all the parts of the design. Or you can hold down shift while clicking on each element you want to group. Once all elements are highlighted, you will right click on any part of the design and click Group to make it one or Ungroup to release to multiple elements.

I love using the group/ungroup tool when I’m working on multiple designs at once. If I want to keep each design in its on little pod, I will use group so I can move it all at once. It eliminates the need to highlight everything you want to move, every time you want to move it without leaving any part of the design behind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed an apostrophe or period when I try and move a design in the design space. While using group, you can forget about this problem!


Welding is when you want to fuse multiple elements of your design that are overlapping, creating one fluid design. It is important to note that welding is permanent, you cannot unweld like you can ungroup. Think of welding like it is glue making everything one.

TIP: If you are unsure if you want to weld, copy and paste an extra copy of the design so if you mess up you have the original to work with.

To get to the Welding tool, you can highlight all parts of the design (like you do in grouping) then on the right side, find the Modify Panel (the icon looks like a Rectangle and Circle intersecting), and in the new pop-up window click Weld. Or you can right click on the design when it is highlighted and find Weld.

The most common use for welding is when I’m using a script or cursive font. If you cut the script font without welding it will cut each letter individually. You will have overlapping lines which will result in your design looking choppy.

Check out this quick video on the differences! I hope this help clears up a lot of questions! If you have any more please comment below and I’d be happy to answer them!

My Top 10 Favorite Fonts & Where to Find Them

I’ve worked on a fair amount of projects over the years since I bought my Silhouette Cameo in 2012. I’ve downloaded a bunch of fonts and naturally I have a some favorites, some free and some I have paid for. I wanted to let you in on a list of my favorite fonts I am loving now, because of course they are always changing! If you want to download any of the fonts below, click on the pink font name heading to check it out!

Fun Fonts

First I’m loving fun fonts! Some of these fun fonts work well with projects for kids or just something with an overall fun feel.

Inflatable Flamingo

Joy Maker




Script Fonts

Next, I love script fonts, they are a really big trend now with people making silhouette and cameo projects. They are mimics cursive handwriting, there are so many different styles of script fonts and it is a really big trend on projects now!

One challenge with script fonts and cutting vinyl is thin lines! I’ll tackle this in another post this month so stay tuned! 🙂

hey butterfly

Cabelita Script

Cadeck Script


Dream State

I hope you find all these fonts and links helpful! Do you have any favorite fonts you want to share?

Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We are so excited for Christmas this year! It is looking a lot different than previous years because we normally would fly to Pittsburgh to visit family around the holidays. Of course with Covid, we are going to enjoy staying home and as our family of 5 and video chat with our family all over the east coast.

In our house Santa bring one fun present, nothing crazy just something they would like and he also fills their stockings. He used to have so much trouble coming up with ideas for my kids when they were babies… I mean really what could they need! But now they are getting older Santa is having a little easier of a job. I’ve taken notes of what he has brought the kids in the past and maybe some I hope he brings them this year! Honestly, my ideal stocking stuffer for my kids is something they can use or eat and it be gone forever within a few months.

My Favorite Stocking Stuffers:

  • Food/Candy – My kids don’t typically have candy and sweets outside of holidays so this is the time for us to let them indulge a little! Candy necklaces and chocolate coins are 2 of their favorites!
  • Puzzles – You can’t beat a cute puzzle for your little cuties! Best place I like to purchase them is the Dollar Tree! They have so many options for kids, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Fancy Nancy and Cars are all puzzles I have purchased in the past!
  • Art and Craft Supplies – This is my major go-to! Anything my kids can use to draw or paint is a total win! There are a variety of paper pads sizes and my kiddos love the really large ones because they can both color at the same time, one on each side! Paint, crayons, colored pencils, play dough, craft sticks are all great ideas to spark your kids creativity!
  • Clothing Items They Need – Every time I turn around my kids need more socks, slippers or ponytail holders. I think stockings are a perfect excuse to get them some replacements!
  • Color Bath Drops or Bath Bombs – These are awesome for kids who don’t like getting a bath. I let each of my kids pick the color they want and they get to throw it in!
  • Baking Items – One major things my little cuties love is helping me in the kitchen! I’m secretly hoping it pays off as they get older and they can start making us dinner every night! A mom can dream can’t she? Baking mixes and having their own spatula, whisks & a fun apron will make them feel extra special!

I created a quick list below to help Santa find some great stocking stuffers and gifts! Do you have any go-to gifts that aren’t included? Make sure to comment to help us all out!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How to stay Productive

Being a stay at home mom, most of the time I feel like everything is on my shoulders. I take care of the kids, do the laundry, make all the meals, clean, organize & play with my little cuties. On top of all of that, I have a small business to run! Productivity is hard to come by these days so I thought I might share a few of my tips to see if they could help you too!

Wake up early

Not my favorite thing to do in the world but if I want to get anything done in the morning, I have to get up before the kids. I was waking up at 5:30am and started to realize after a shower and getting ready for the day I didn’t have much time to work before the kids were up. So I started setting my alarm for 4:30am. I may not always wake up that early but with my alarm my body knows I have to get up soon.

While I wake up early, I also go to bed early. I am one of those people who can get more accomplished in the morning compared to staying up late to do something. So my goal is to be in bed about to fall asleep by 9pm.


There is something about waking up early and exercising that really makes me productive during the day! I always seem more inclined to vacuum, keep up with laundry or just tidy up the place on the days I work out. I just spend at least 30 minutes a day trying to get my heart rate up. Right now I love running and walking on the treadmill. If you don’t have machines, utilize YouTube! There are tons of free workout videos you can use to exercise! Try a few out and see what you like best! You can also check out your local library for exercise videos as well.

I exercise Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in the morning. Tuesday and Thursday we usually do a family walk after dinner, we can go to the mall to walk or just walk around the neighborhood if it’s nice. Just getting my body moving gives me so much more energy! And I love seeing my FitBit have over 10,000 steps! 🙂


To-do lists are EVERYTHING! Nothing would ever get done if I didn’t have them. I love to write my goals down on paper then cross them out when I finish them so I feel extra productive! Other times I keep a list of them in Notes on my phone so I can go back and look at them. I can even share the list with my husband so we can be on the same page about things that need done around the house.

First I start with the most important. Once I get that one done I move on to the smaller tasks I can knockout first! Focusing on small things allows me to gain traction and confidence to move to the next thing. As I cross items off the list I feel more and more productive which makes me want to cross more off the list. It’s a win-win all around! Things get done and I have the confidence to keep going!

Turn off distractions

Yep, I said it! Put the phone in another room on Do Not Disturb and turn the television off. The only way for me to completely focus on my tasks is to not have any distractions. It’s really hard for me because I love background noise and I HATE quiet. So if I need to I can put my headphones in and listen to music that doesn’t distract me too much.

Honestly putting my phone in do not disturb mode is a life saver! Anytime my phone would ring with a text, I HAD to look who it was. Now every once in a while I would check on the messages because none of them are really every super important that they need my attention right away. And putting it in the bedroom is also great. It’s funny how I ‘forget’ to check my phone if it isn’t right next to me!

These are some of my tips for staying productive during the day. I hope these tips can help you, because I know you have a lot on your plate too!

Do you have an productivity tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

3 Websites to Download Fonts

For years I was stuck using only fonts that came with my computer. I didn’t have a ton of options so my designs were… boring. It took a long time for me to realize that I could download fonts off the internet to use! What?! I could have my own fun fonts instead of using Arial or Georgia? Life changing, right?

When I first started downloading fonts I wasn’t sure what websites I could trust. Downloading from websites you don’t trust is frowned upon. I certainly didn’t want to get a virus because I was careless. Over the years I found three websites that I love and trust and wanted to share with you!


This was one of the first places I found for free fonts. Most of them are free for personal use but if you want to use them on projects you plan to sell, you’ll have to find ones that are 100% Free. See the picture below to see where you can find that information as you look through fonts.

Font Squirrel

‘100% Free for Commercial Use’ is their slogan! So mostly all their fonts they have a license, allowing you use them on projects you plan to sell. Sometimes they have fonts where they believe they are free but they can’t be 100% sure. I’ve decided not to use these fonts for selling but you can decide on your own what is best for you.

Font Bundles

These are fonts you have to pay for but you can buy a bundle of fonts for a reasonable price. I’ve bought a couple bundles for specific fonts and I’ve never been disappointed! They all have commercial licenses so you can use them on projects you want to sell and you don’t have to worry about any issues! They do have some free fonts available.

Do you have a website that you love to download fonts from? I’d love for you to share so everyone can check it out!

Why Silhouette Cameo has my Heart

I first heard about Silhouette Cameo in 2012 and I was so excited for all the possibilities! At that time, Cricut had also been selling a vinyl cutting machine, so I wanted to do my research to see which one was best for me.

The major reason I picked the Silhouette Cameo was I would be able to use my own images on my computer or ones I found on the internet. With a Cricut, you had to purchase cartridges for any images you wanted to use. The cartridges came with a bunch of designs that you paid for in a bundle… so you paid for the design bundle even if you didn’t want or use them all. The machine did come with a few basic designs but if you wanted something for a special project you had to pay for the cartridge. Hopefully they had the design you wanted because, if they didn’t, you were out of luck!

With Silhouette, I could search the internet, save an image, and use it in my project. It was much more convenient and inexpensive, especially since I spend a couple hundred dollars on the machine in the first place. Silhouette also had the options of buying shapes, but you only pay for the ones you want or need. Instead of paying $25+ for a kit, you pay $0.99 for the ones you want to use.

Silhouette also allowed you to use any font you had on your computer which was a HUGE bonus to me! I loved it because I could download a lot of free fonts off of the internet, instead of buying fonts through Cricut. I was sold! Silhouette was the one for me!

The information I shared on Cricut is now outdated because they do have newer models. It is worth noting that I’m still using the same Silhouette Cameo I bought in 2012. The software still works the same even though there have been newer models that have come out since! I absolutely LOVE it and I’m so glad I made the choice I did. Silhouette will always have my heart!

How-To: Make a Personalized Reading Pillow

Giving gifts at Christmas-time has always been a favorite of mine and a few years ago I had a goal to make all of the gifts I was giving. I made custom shirts and family name plaques with wedding dates. But my favorite gift I gave was a reading pillow for my niece. I personalized it with her name using heat transfer vinyl. My sister tells me it’s her favorite pillow!

Now that my daughter has a new outer space room, I decided to make one for her as well! It’s an easy sewing project, even if you don’t want to use an iron-on decal. However, I totally recommend adding it because it’s simple, and who doesn’t love a personalized project?

What You’ll Need

  • 2 – 17in x 17in of the main fabric (I used the planet fabric)
  • 17in x 17in fabric (8.5in x 17in folded in half and ironed so there is a crisp fold) for the pocket (black with white polka-dots)
  • Custom Iron-On Decal
  • Iron or heat press
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Poly-fil (stuffing for the pillow)

Because I picked black fabric with white polka-dots, I knew the name would be difficult to see. I added an outline of the name in white. Once I layered the decals, it would make the name very easy to read!

I folded the fabric in half and ironed it so it had a crisp line. If you want you could sew about 1/4 inch from the fold to make sure it stays folded. It’s not something that I did and it worked just fine for me!

I wanted to put the decals on the fabric before I started sewing. By doing this, I wouldn’t have to worry about ironing it on while it full of stuffing.

I placed the outline of the name decal on the pocket leaving enough room on the side and bottom of the fabric to be sewn. Then I used my heat press to iron on the decal. You can use an iron if you don’t have a heat press. My heat press machine was set to 305°F and I do each layer for 12 seconds.

Iron Instructions:
Set the iron to ‘Cotton’ and use medium pressure to push the decal on the fabric for about 25-30 seconds. If the decal doesn’t adhere completely to the fabric, place the decal back down and iron again. Peel back the clear lining to reveal the design on the fabric.
TIP: Use a piece of fabric like a tea towel to lay on top of the decal and clear lining to make sure the lining doesn’t stick to the iron.

Check out another project post where I go into more detail on how to use an iron.

After the first layer was on, I placed the name I cut out in metallic purple in the middle of the white outline. I wanted to make sure there was about the same amount of white on all sides of the writing. Once I had it in the correct location, I put the nonstick sheet on top and press down the machine.

Once it was done I peeled up the clear lining. It was now ready to be sewn.

First I laid one of the main pillow fabric down with the printed side up. Then I placed the fabric for the pocket with the decals on top, with the folded part in the middle.

Then I put the other piece of fabric with the printed side facing down (so the right sides together). After everything was lined up, I pinned all around the edge to keep the layers in place.

About 2/3 of the way to the right of the top of the pillow, I started sewing. I wanted to start at the top because there is less fabric compared to the bottom (the pocket adds extra layers). I sewed all the way around the pillow back to the top, stopping about 1/3 of the way. This will leave a gap about 1/3 of the length.

I used that gap to flip the pillow inside out so the printed side is facing out.
Tip: Use a pin to help pull the corners all the way out or you may have rounded edges.

Now it was time to fill the pillow with the poly-fil! I didn’t fill it completely so it still is soft enough for my daughter to lay on as she reads her books.

Using pins I carefully pinned the gap closed and sewed along the pins to finish off the pillow.

All done!!! Pillows are really easy and perfect for someone who isn’t completely comfortable using a sewing machine. I hope your little cutie loves it as much as mine does!

If you would like a custom decal for this project or many others, feel free to contact me! I’d love to work with you to make your project Pinterest perfect!

Tag @LaciesDesigns or use #LaciesDesigns on Facebook or Instagram of your finished projects!

You Win Some & You Lose Some

There have been countless projects where I’ve messed up. I don’t claim to know it all and mistakes happen, but what’s important is learning from them. So I’ll share with you what happened and what I learned in hopes you won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

Here is how it went down, I was working on a Valentine’s day shirt for my daughter. I made a fun design of her cute little sayings and since it was for Valentine’s Day I wanted to do it in black and red.

I cut the black decal and weeded (taking away the unused part of the decal) as normal. I measured where I wanted it then used my heat press to iron the design on the shirt. As I peeled up the plastic covering it came up fine! I had no issues.

The damaged happened with the red design. I put the decal where I wanted it and ironed on the design using the heat press (just like I did the black). As I peeled the plastic liner, it started to stick so I put it back down and used the heat press again. I heated it for a few seconds and tried peeling up the liner again. But as I peeled up, the ‘H’ was sticking to the shirt but part of it was still sticking to the liner. I still pulled up the liner when the rest of the ‘H’ popped down on the shirt and stuck to itself. I thought “I can fix that later!”

But as I kept going the ‘u’ in ‘hug’ ripped. So I thought “Alright, I’ll just cut another ‘ug’ and put it on after I’m done here”, but part of the ‘g’ was still sticking to the shirt. After I peeled up the liner, I looked at the design I noticed one of the hearts was wrinkled… I tried fixing that but since I had used the heat press the parts that were stuck to the shirt wouldn’t budge! (This is a total pro when it comes to heat presses unless… you know… you mess up and it won’t come off!)

So at this point there are too many issues, I got fed up and said “I’ll just do another shirt!” Which is a total bummer in the moment because I was pretty angry at myself for messing it up

The final product!

After a week, I decided to try again! I used the things I learned the first time around to help prevent any more mistakes. Thankfully, I didn’t have any issues the second time!

I absolutely love the way it came out and now I will have pictures of her in this shirt and I can remember the cute things she says at three years old! You can find this Grab a Hug & Stay Cozy shirt in my Etsy Shop.

What I learned:

  1. Peel the design off when it is still hot. Where I think I went wrong was after it was ironed on I took a break not peeling up the clear plastic covering while it was still hot. I guess I didn’t realize how important that part was because I always peeled it up hot! There are a few special types of iron on material where it tells you to peel it when it’s cool but for the most part you need to hot peel. Get your free Warm Peel vs. Cold Peel Cheat Sheet PDF HERE.
  2. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! Rushing only makes it worse especially when the frustration kicks in.
  3. If something messes up, stop and try to fix it right away before moving on. With heat transfer vinyl you have to work fast. Many times you can fix a little mistake right away before the design completely adheres to the fabric.

Does your little cutie have an adorable saying you want on a shirt? Check out my shop for custom shirts.